The Serenity

Where do you start when you decide to quit your job and go exploring….everywhere and anywhere?

Step One…

We needed a trailer, RV or 5th wheel. Although we do have a sufficient monthly income, we did not want to create monthly bills to have to spend it on, so we searched Craigslist and Facebook sale sites for a used trailer or RV. At the time we owned a Dodge Durango as a tow vehicle, so a 5th wheel was out of the question.  

While laying down for a Sunday afternoon nap, I was searching through Facebook sale sites and came across a 16ft 1990 Fleetwood Wilderness Yukon travel trailer. It was older and a little smaller than we thought we wanted, but it was only $1000.00! I know, I know – it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but here’s a tip about us, we are frugal!

We cut our nap short, went by the bank and pulled Serenity home the same day (yea, we name our stuff…). 

Score one for the thrifty travelers!

14193815_10207917716193911_750418423_n       14193726_10207917715713899_1161637074_n

Total cost:
Serenity: $1000.00


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