Serenity Remodel Part One



The Remodel Part 1 –

We decided to start the remodel process by painting. Which really means that you start the remodel process by removing anything and everything from the trailer that is removable. Cushions, cabinet doors, bathroom doors, drawers, bed pieces, etc.

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Next up was scraping the crap out of the paper and laminate on of all the cabinets and walls with a razor blade scraper. This is only difficult if you are impatient, which I am. I may have gouged and marked up some of the pressboard cabinets. Oops. Point is, have patience and go slow it will be better in the long run.

Next step is pretty self explanatory – tape everything. We used FrogTape.

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Primer. We used KILZ Latex Interior/Exterior Primer. Kilz is great coverage for wallpaper and pressboard and gives you the added advantage of stopping any mildew if needed. It is more a more expensive brand, but definitely not one of the things you want to skimp on.

And then for the painting. I began this process thinking it was going to take no time at all and just be a piece of cake. By the time I was done I was completely out of patience, wishing I was a yoga master and my piece of cake was old and stale. It is a lot more difficult than just painting a room in a sticks and bricks house. So many corners, hidey holes, and awkward ways I had to lay on the tiny floor space to reach the tiny cracks and crevices. We started with a latex semi-gloss white paint (already had this for other projects were going to do) for the walls. Larger spaces were covered with a roller and all the corners and small spaces, we used a cheap paint brush.




First, don’t use a cheap paintbrush; go ahead and spend the couple extra dollars and get a thick one with small bristles. The roller did great on the larger areas and only needed two coats. On the brushed areas we were on coat #3 and it was still streaky. We racked our brains for a few seconds and decided to get some cans of semi-gloss white spray paint to cover all the corner areas. It came about better than expected and I’m happy with it, considering the amount of money we saved, even if we didn’t save on the frustration. (“Duh” tip – open the windows in your trailer while spray painting, it gets very strong smelling, very fast.)

Total cost so far:
Trailer: $1000.00

Kilz Primer – 31.25
Paintbrushes/Roller – 6.99
2 cans Spray Paint – $4.00
Gallon Semi-gloss white paint – on hand
Paint tray/roller handle – on hand
Frog Painters Tape – 5.59


The Remodel Part Two

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