Serenity Remodel Part Two

The Remodel Part 2

With the walls now a nice shiny (come on, Serenity…shiny…if you don’t get it you need to watch a Joss Whedon TV show, specifically Firefly: The Complete Series) white, we decided to go with black for doors, windows trim, and miscellaneous things like vent covers, light covers, etc.

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We had already removed everything to paint the walls, so that part was already done. We did an initial coat of the KILZ Primer primer again. Then we laid all the doors out on a tarp in the yard and used a roller to cover as much surface as we could; faster and way easier than the contortionist acts that we had to do to paint the inside of the trailer.

A few coats of black paint and they were good to go…sort of. To save money and time, we only painted the outside of the doors. Considering the small space, we knew we wouldn’t be leaving any of the cabinets or doors open, so why bother with the inside? The only issue here was a couple of days of extremely humid weather. The paint didn’t dry as quickly as it would have without the humidity, so there were some runs on the backs and edges of the doors, so we just took some light sandpaper and gently went over the chunky parts; good enough for someone with only slight obsessive issues.


We bought a semi-gloss black spray paint to paint all of the extra pieces and knobs. This part was easy peasy. (Painting tip for knobs or handles – use a cardboard box and set the knobs up in it. They will stand up straight and you can turn the box to get all sides – I used a Dominoes pizza box.)

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Total cost so far:
The Serenity: $1000.00

Kilz Primer – 31.25
Paintbrushes/Roller – 6.99
2 cans Spray Paint – $4.00
Gallon Semi-gloss white paint – on hand
Paint tray/roller handle – on hand
Frog Painters Tape – 5.59

Remodel Part 2
Gallon Black Semi Gloss Paint – 11.99 (Fred Meyer Home Design Brand)
Black Spray Paint – (2) 1.99
New drawer and cabinet pulls – (18) On hand from other furniture projects

Side note on mixing paint –  If you use a hand held drill to mix your gallon of paint and it slips up farther than it should, it looks like this! Paint flung everywhere!


The Remodel Part Three

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