Serenity Remodel Part Four – The Finishing Touches

Serenity Remodel Part Four – The Finishing Touches

Our way of getting a new mattress for the trailer was to simply cut our queen sized cooling gel memory foam mattress down to fit. We had just purchased the mattress back in February and figured we shouldn’t let that go to waste! We used a Gerber Gator Machete [31-000758] to cut the crap out of it (after measuring carefully). We also made a slit in the center of the mattress on the underside, so that it could fold easier into a futon style couch in the trailer. It’s not a perfect fit, but it is pretty comfortable.

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We purchased a few valance curtains, since they were the perfect length for the smaller windows.

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We added a dry erase board as the refrigerator door.


As you can tell by now, we here at Write on the Road are a couple of geeks. How many fandoms can you find?


The Remodel Part Four

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