Serenity Remodel Part Three

Remodel Part 3

The lovely, early 90’s, trailer upholstery did NOT match the black and white theme we were running with. They were faded hunter green seat cushions for the table, with blue and green plaid back rests. The seat cushions were pretty squished and useless. The bed railing and seat edges were upholstered in a fuzzy fabric that used to be pink (I think), but now just resembled Pepto Bismol mixed with mud. Ugh. Nope, gotta go.


The seats had the hideous plaid back rests for comfort as well as for laying them down to make a bed when the table was lowered. We didn’t need a second bed, as we were pretty sure the dogs could handle sleeping on the floor…maybe. So we just needed to upholster the new seat cushions we were going to get to replace the old flat ones, and the dirty Pepto seat trim and bed rail. I like artsy-fartsy-crafty stuff as long as it doesn’t involve sewing. So, how do we re-upholster the cushions without me having to sew? Staple gun! Not only effective, but somewhat fun if you think about some great action or horror movies scenes over the years! The perfect tool for the job was a Stanley TRE550 Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun – great for making seat cushions and would probably be efficient in acting out your favorite movie scene as well! (Disclaimer – we are NOT telling you to staple gun your friends and family…or anyone.)

We started by throwing out all the old cushions from the table area. Underneath the seat cushions was a thin panel of wood that stabilized them, and that is what we decided to use as the bottom of the seat cushions to staple fabric to. Now we just need to buy the cushions and the fabric. Wait a minute…we’re frugal, remember?

The trailer had come with a twin size Tempurpedic mattress that was in great condition, but just too small for the two of us. So, we decided to cut it to fit the seat cushions. Now we just needed to buy fabric. Nope. I came up with the idea to upcycle the blackout curtains from our house. The fabric was thick and could be wiped off with a damp cloth; it was perfect.

Well, it was perfect until I decided to throw them in the washer. Don’t do that. The blackout backing peels off in the washer (if you didn’t know that, now you do. If you did know that, don’t judge me – I can’t always be pretty AND smart and that day I picked pretty). My advice is to just take them outside, hose them down, and wipe them clean. In the end, they worked out anyway, it just took some extra wiping and straightening.

The process for reupholstering the cushions was basically to put the new cushion (mattress piece) on top of the (cut-to-fit) upside-down blackout curtain, and then place the wood panel on the underside of the new cushion. Hubby then got on top of it all, squished it all down, pulled the fabric tight, and stapled it to the wood panel. If you’re as old as we feel, don’t worry about the cracking and popping, that’s just your knees and back during this process, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

14171857_10207948467562676_1136117888_n              14218221_10207948467682679_289822819_n

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We decided not to put the dirty pepto pink seat trim back up, and replaced it with a small wooden trim painted black.


The bed rail was a lot simpler. It was really just a straight piece of trim that had been upholstered. We didn’t bother removing the old pepto fabric, but simply cut the curtains to fit, pulled the fabric tight, and stapled to the back side of the wood. Voila!


Total cost so far:
The Serenity: $1000.00

Kilz Primer – 31.25
Paintbrushes/Roller – 6.99
2 cans Spray Paint – $4.00
Gallon Semi-gloss white paint – on hand
Paint tray/roller handle – on hand
Frog Painters Tape – 5.59

Remodel Part 2
Gallon Black Semi Gloss Paint – 11.99 (Fred Meyer Home Design Brand)
Black Spray Paint – (2) 1.99
New drawer and cabinet pulls – (18) On hand from other furniture projects

Remodel Part 3
New foam for cushions – on hand with the mattress that came with trailer
Fabric – Upcycled blackout curtains on hand
Seat trim – $3.99

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