Book Review – Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Tom Hanks

Seventeen fantastic short stories. Each short stands alone, but they are all linked. I am a sucker for a connection. Which Stephen King novels are part of the Dark Tower world? Which reoccurring hilarious characters are going to show up in the books of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett? I am an addict of the MCU because “it’s all connected…”

So, Mr. Hanks, who holds a small spot in my heart for being an all around decent male human, (who has never been accused of assaulting women in Hollywood! Knock on wood…just not his. Oh, please stop me) has written a book with stories that feel good AND they are all connected? I love it! His literary debut is a winner in my book (book puns are such a novel idea!).

This may sound odd, but even the paper the book is printed on is comfortable. It is soft and easy to turn the page, but still thick enough to be strong. No, it isn’t a coincidence that I am describing my perfect man, and a book at the same time. I also love to sniff both; but not in a creepy way like sniffing a stranger in an elevator (you know who you are).

If I gave out stars in my reviews, I would give out enough that you could read the book by the starlight! So, get a copy, and sit down with a warm cup of something.  And then enjoy the fun and comfort of old friends that you’ve just met.

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