MeLisa (Mel)

I think my parents may have started the trend of wanting to name their child “something different.” I ended up with MeLisa – no, not Melissa. Me Lisa; you Reader. I am one of the founding members of that club of people that can’t find personalized souvenirs. 

I am a mom, a partner, a blogger, a feminist, a resister, an advocate, a reader, a binger of true crime TV, a nerd, a goddess of cheesy jokes, and a traveler. Welcome to the road. 







M.D. Parker (Mike)

I use my initials because that’s what makes my name special (I can always find those personalized souvenirs). I’ve been called lots of things in my life – including late for dinner – but now I am known as husband and father of occasional excellence, author, and grumpy repairer of things.