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The Blogger – MeLisa

I think my mother may have started the trend of wanting “to name their child something different.” I ended up with MeLisa – no, not Melissa. Me Lisa; you Reader. I am definitely in that club of people that can’t find personalized souvenirs.

I’m 40. I have two adult spawn, daughter- 24 and son – 21. Yes, go ahead and do the math, I may have started young. The spawn are amazing and have been my reason for everything good I have done in my life. I have always believed that the advantage of having children so young was that I would still be young enough to go do things and enjoy my life when I was done raising them.

And that is exactly what I am doing.

The Writer – Michael

I think my parents stuck with old trend of let’s give him a name everyone has, which has led to me being called many things in my life: Michael, Mike, moron, husband, father, son, geek, brother, friend, soldier, writer, idiot… the list is long and gets less distinguished.

As we send the new, and hopefully improved, versions of ourselves out into the world, we have cast off the chains of the everyday. So now I can focus on keeping my favorite titles – Husband, Father, and leaf on the wind.