Happy Holidays from the Oregon Coast

City Holiday Display in Florence, OR

2018 has been a long year.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining, because I know how lucky we are living the way we do. We don’t have average 8-5 jobs, we hardly ever have to set an alarm to wake up, and if we don’t like our neighbors we just move without having to pack a single box.

An entry in the Holiday Float Parade in Florence, OR

We started the new year in Las Vegas playing poker tournaments at Binions. From there we got to spend time with our friends and families in the Pacific Northwest. The Mr. had to have a pretty serious surgery that took almost half of his liver. I am hobbling a bit with an unknown (for now) diagnosis. The year was long and life continues to always try to get in the way, but we are still Writing on the Road – so I consider 2018 a win for us. I hope it was for you and yours as well, but if it wasn’t – there is a new year just around the corner. And, hey, that is how we always find our best dry camping spots…by looking just around the next corner!

Coos Historical Railway Display in Coos Bay, OR.

During this holiday season remember that we all have our own gifts to give to the world, whether it is writing, or photography, or just some simple painted rocks that you leave laying around for others to find a free smile. Perhaps you take garbage from the ocean and turn it into art. Maybe you are a connoisseur of beer? Whatever it is that you do – just do your thing. Do it great. And always try to be better than you were yesterday…or last year.

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Florence, OR

So, at the end of 2018 try to take a minute and appreciate what the year gave you. Love? Happiness? Friendship? Tell them you love them! Tell them they make you happy! Tell them you are grateful for their friendship. New job? Work hard! New dream? Make it come true! Heartbreak? It means you still love beyond yourself and that makes you amazing.

A snowman hitching a ride on a small boat. I hope he doesn’t fall in!

Happy Holidays from Write on the Road!

Near the Siuslaw River in Florence, OR
We hope your path in 2019 takes you somewhere beautiful!


For more information about the Oregon Coast Historic Railway you can go here.

You can learn more about Florence, Oregon here.

Holiday Gifts for the RVers in Your Life

Gifts for the RVers in Your Life

What do you give your loved ones that are full time RVers? Not much, unless you’re going to get them a larger RV to put more shit in.

We purposely got rid of all our crap to live on the road, and we try not keep things that we don’t use. If we have forgotten we even own something (which happens more than it should, really), then we don’t actually need it do we?  So, it gets donated to a thrift store that we come across in our travels (this is also where we buy most of the stuff that we donate – that’s what we call the thrift store circle of life, my friends).

So, again, WHAT do you give your loved ones that live in their RV? Well…I have made a list…make sure to check it twice.

A thermal backpack picnic set. You may think that this is something that people don’t really NEED…but it has a detachable thermal wine holder. Everyone needs this; even you. Order 2. 

Food. Unless your giftee’s are people that don’t eat (in which case you should call in a welfare check on them) then food is always a win. Something delicious that they wouldn’t normally splurge for.

 Games! RV people (well, at least these RV people) love to play games! Especially, the RVers that like to spend their time offgrid.
Also…this is great for people like my husband that likes to make up words and call himself a wordsmith.

Do you know what every RV traveler needs? Whether it is a travel trailer, motorhome, 5th while or even a tiny house they will all need some petrol to move on to their next spot. Unless they have teleportation devices, which would really just take away the enjoyment – happiness is in the journey, not the destination. So, gas cards!

Sadly, we are still without free gas.

If you’re one of those people – you know the kind…they spend so much on their gifts that everyone else is ashamed of their homemade macaroni necklaces – then a membership to an RV club would be a great gift. RV Club memberships include some pretty impressive discounts for the RVers, as well as free stays. Do a little research, click buy, and WHAM! You are more awesome that Santa this year. You want cookies or carrots left out for you?

Some memberships do have age restrictions on the RV, so do your research. Photo courtesy of AMC

Riesling. Gewürztraminer. Chardonnay. Sauvignon blanc. Merlot. Cabernet sauvignon. Pinot noir. Boone’s. Ale. Lager. Microbrews. PBR. Vodka. Whiskey. Gin. Tequila.  Moonshine. 

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” -Frank Sinatra

I saved the lamest, but probably the most useful for last. Gift cards. To Wal-mart, Kroger, Clothing Stores, Outdoor Stores, or just a prepaid Visa. This gift lacks imagination on your part, but will really be appreciated by your RVers.

Oh! I forgot the most important part. Have a happy and beautiful holiday season – and ditch the gifts, because the best gift is probably you – unless you suck.

Happy Holidays from Write on the Road. <3

Back on the Coast

We came back to Coos County Oregon to visit for the holidays. Arrived in North Bend, OR on Thanksgiving day and leaving Bandon, OR on December 29th. It has been a very wet month.

This selfie is what the entire Coos County populations looks like from November to May every year…

Upon arrival, we headed to a local campground favorite, Tugman State Park. It was raining..a lot…for our stay there, but it was a nice familiar place to get some rest after our mad dash to get to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Always bring your life jacket to a picnic…

And be prepared to swim to the dock.

Eel Lake at Tugman State Park

After Tugman we stayed at Riley County Park, then up to Tenmile Lakes County Park. The rain slowed a little while there and we actually managed to have a campfire and roast some hot dogs. The bad side of the rain decreasing is that we got to experience our first potable water hose freezing during this time. Oops.

Butterfield Lake at Riley County Park

Since I wouldn’t leave the trailer to confirm the frozen hose, the hubby wanted to prove to me that it was, indeed, cold.

Towards the end of our month here we went to Bandon, OR. Other than visiting with the family, Bandon was the funnest part of our trip. The rainy days and sunny days were pretty equal and we managed to spend some time at a few of the beaches, visit the Coquille River Lighthouse, and Face Rock Creamery.

The sun setting behind the Coquille River Lighthouse

Bandon is an adorable little town. Old Town Bandon is a few blocks worth of souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, coffee shops and even (my favorite thing!) a bookstore. Old Town is next to the Bandon Docks where they have fresh seafood shops.

The Bandon City Park has a huge playground, ball fields, a dog park, and is walking distance to the library and the beach! For as small of a town as Bandon is, they do seem to do tourism correctly.

Cute gazebo in the Bandon City Park

Dog Park!!! 1, 2, 3…Fight!

Beautiful beach in Bandon

Wave goodbye to the Oregon Coast for a few months…

Bandon’s version of the stairway to heaven…

Evidence of the rare and elusive winter sun in Bandon.

Face Rock Creamery is a small creamery right in the middle of town. Their cheese is absolutely amazing! If you go to visit make sure to try their In Your Face Fiery Red Pepper Cheese and their Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheese.

So good!

Her life would have been way easier if all she had to do was throw cheese at the Vampyre’s…

We have had an amazing time celebrating holidays with our kids, family, and friends. We are headed out tomorrow for the trip south through California to arrive at our workamping gig at Joshua Tree National Park. I am excited to get out of the rain for a few months, but saying goodbye to the family is always bittersweet.

Merry Christmas from Milo

And Happy New Year from Rusty

Shore Acres State Park – Coos Bay, Oregon

It stopped raining for a whole day so we decided to go enjoy some local Christmas festivities!

But we are considering trading in the Serenity for one of these….

In Coos Bay, Oregon is Shore Acres State Park. The majority of the year it is a huge, beautiful floral garden with amazing ocean views. During the holiday season the gardens are lit up with thousands of colored lights and holiday decorations put up by community volunteers and The Friends of Shore Acres in cooperation with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

This year the park has over 325,000 lights

Over 325,000 Lights in the Park This Year

And one hell of an electric bill!

But since I don’t pay it, I think it is worth every penny!

It is beautiful, and an absolute joy to see. Most nights there are carolers singing holiday songs, and there is free coffee, hot cider and cookies in the main garden house. The house is decorated every year and it feels like you have slipped into a warm, cozy cottage at the North Pole.

Stage for carolers

Donated by a local artists

Santa soaking in the tub, resting up for the big day!

Donated by a local artist

The Shore Acres light display is a wonderful place to visit on the Oregon Coast. There is a $5.00 parking fee for entrance, and donations are accepted to help make future years even more fabulous.

The lights reflecting in a small pond

Festive Frogs!

Under the sea….