A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron – Book Review

From the best-selling author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey comes A Dog’s Way Home.

A Dog’s Way Home is the story of Bella. Bella, a mixed breed mutt, was born under an abandoned building – and that was when life was easy. Since then it’s been a rollercoaster ride for Bella and her person, Lucas.

Follow along with Bella as she faces the ups and downs of cats, dogs, and humans. She finds herself on the most important journey of her life; to get back to her person and her purpose.

W. Bruce Cameron’s books are probably not going to be literary classics, but they are guaranteed to make you smile as you read them. All of his dog books are fast reads, perfect for a day when you need to cheer yourself up. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will absolutely fall in love with the amazing dogs in Cameron’s novels.

And if you don’t like dogs, then please go think about your life choices for awhile.

Because dogs rule.

Coos Bay Boardwalk – A Dog Bark (sort of) Review by Milo

Coos Bay Boardwalk in Coos Bay, Oregon

Hello everybody!! It’s Milo here! Okay, so we’ve been to a few dog barks in the past 49 weeks, but they were ones that we have already given paws to, so I decided to tap out a review of the boardwalk in the Coos Bay place that is our old home.

This is me, Milo. Okay, so I tried out a new ear style, but I don’t think I like it. What do you think?

Okay, so on the boardwalk you have to keep your leash clothes on, but there were so many cool things to sniff that I didn’t even pay that much attention to it, really. 

This was a cool spot with doggo pee and a hint of gull poop.

There were big metal things that the peoples called training cars. I don’t like to train unless there are treats involved, but training with treats and cars could be cool.

I didn’t smell any treats in the training cars.

The smells on the boardwalk are to bark for! So, it’s salt and water and fish and people and dogs and wood and food and birds. It was great! Oh! Speaking of water, make sure to drink lots before you go because you won’t like all the salt in the water there. My human mom sometimes has salt with her gold water, I wonder if that tastes like yuck, too?

Birds! I love birds. Especially when they drop food! But sometimes you get surprised because it’s actually poop.

Fish foods! My people’s don’t let me eat fish foods, but it smells good.

This guy seemed a little fishy, though.

Follow your noses!

Okay, so there were sidewalks made from trees, and there are even sidewalks ON THE WATER! And there were water cars! Can you believe that? I need to go for a ride on a water car, okay?! I have put this #1 on my barket list! Right after #7 which is to eat all the foods.

Tree butt spots, too!

And it smelled good, too! Rusty found a really good smell right there. I was jealous.

Those are sidewalks between the boats. I mean…sometimes the peoples can be smarter than they look, okay?

You can walk on water. It’s just…I just…woof.

So okay, I think that you should go visit the Coos Bay Boardwalk and take your doggo’s with you. It’s a fun time! I give it two paws, but just because I couldn’t take my leash clothes off for some good boardwalk zooms.

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