The Weirdest Dog Bark Ever by Rusty

Hi! It’s me! Rusty! It’s awesome that you’re here!

One of my people’s had a weird idea. We went and played in a giant (and I mean GIANT) kitty litter box! Well there was no actual box, but there was sand EVERYWHERE!

Look at it! How awesome does that look?

There were lots of tall sand hills, and if I ran to the top I could do the fastest zooms back down the hill! It was so awesome! I actually didn’t even smell a cat around, which was a relief because I am not sure how big a cat a would be that would need that much sand to poop in – but I reckon that I don’t want to find out!

I’m winning!

Anyway! Back to my zooms! I don’t have an official record of how fast I was because speed and time are a matter of perspective, but from my perspective my zooms were the awesomest ever! Even Milo agreed!

Look at Milo getting zoomy!!

There were lots of bushes and trees around the cat litter hills. We smelled some small stuff, but like I said, no cats! Thank dog! But there were birds and a boobplesnoot must’ve crossed by the night before. I smelled lots of peoples – maybe they chased all the cats away.

There was plenty of room for me to kick Milo’s butt in a dog wrestle!
I’ve been working on my war face. Is it awesome yet?

Our person took us the litter hills for like 7 days in a row. It was so awesome! I am still finding sand in places that I didn’t know it could get! How do cats deal with that all the time? Is that why they are grumpy? Anyway, it’s been a few days since we went and I am working hard on getting my paws clean still. But don’t let that you stop from visiting the sand litter hills.

The ZOOMS are totally worth it!! OH! You can dig…a lot! And wherever you want! It’s so awesome! Go visit!

There was a booplesnoot here!!

Jessie M. Honeyman State Park, Westlake, OR

Jessie M. Honeyman State Park
Westlake, Oregon

This park was fantastic! It’s huge, with over 300 camping sites, 10 yurts, hiker/biker area, group camping and an ampitheater. All sites can be reserved, so making a reservation is probably your best bet. We didn’t have a reservation, but we got lucky with one night in a no hookups site and then we were able to move over to a site with electric and water.

14408987_10208078070242662_1646927998_n 14384108_10208078070082658_187054540_n

There are plenty of bathroom facilities throughout the park with showers, as well. The bathrooms/showers near the Welcome Center had unisex showers on the outside of the building, so the hubby and I got to sneak in a shower together, which was awesome. The Welcome Center is a lot like a hotel lobby where they sell firewood, magazines, soda, and more.

There are lovely trees and shrubbery for site privacy, but oodles of chipmunks everywhere, so our dogs made sure to remind us that we were never really alone.

The campground and day use area have lots of trails and roads for walking or hiking. The campground has a huge playground for kids, and nearby are dunes for the adult playground.

The park rangers that we met were super helpful. They were friendly with the dogs, and even had a sense of humor! They learned while we were deciding on which site to move to that I may have a small phobia of slugs; and then there were slug jokes. There is nothing better than free comedy and great customer service! (As for the slug, it was sitting at the entrance to the new campsite like the welcoming committee to hell…I really don’t like slugs.)

12380254_10208078177885353_138517633_n Park Ranger Art/Slug Jokes

We walked a lot of the roads and some of the trails. There are a lot of things to explore while staying there. The day use area has canoe, kayak, and paddle boat rentals to explore the lake, and the Welcome Center rents bicycles as well. There are large dunes to climb and play on, and a sandy beach for swimming, plus there are floating docks out on the lake to swim out to. The day use area also has endless picnic tables! The tables are all separate, with trails and shrubbery isolating each picnic area. There are multiple beautiful gazebos for rent. Most of the picnic areas and the gazebos have a full view of the gorgeous blue Cleawox Lake.

14397375_10208078068242612_1082105386_n 14397468_10208078068802626_1078951062_n  14397394_10208078070762675_237552210_n

14397381_10208078069922654_1643610340_n 14408799_10208078070482668_1556738673_n 14389020_10208078071082683_1978523313_n

14397366_10208078069082633_1336845996_n 14389779_10208078072882728_8914146_n

The only downside that we found during our stay is that some of the non-hookup sites and a few of the hookups have the picnic tables and fire pits reversed; when you back your trailer into the site the door is facing away from your outdoor fun.

Overall, our stay at Honeyman was great, and we will be going back to enjoy it again soon!