Happy Holidays from the Oregon Coast

City Holiday Display in Florence, OR

2018 has been a long year.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining, because I know how lucky we are living the way we do. We don’t have average 8-5 jobs, we hardly ever have to set an alarm to wake up, and if we don’t like our neighbors we just move without having to pack a single box.

An entry in the Holiday Float Parade in Florence, OR

We started the new year in Las Vegas playing poker tournaments at Binions. From there we got to spend time with our friends and families in the Pacific Northwest. The Mr. had to have a pretty serious surgery that took almost half of his liver. I am hobbling a bit with an unknown (for now) diagnosis. The year was long and life continues to always try to get in the way, but we are still Writing on the Road – so I consider 2018 a win for us. I hope it was for you and yours as well, but if it wasn’t – there is a new year just around the corner. And, hey, that is how we always find our best dry camping spots…by looking just around the next corner!

Coos Historical Railway Display in Coos Bay, OR.

During this holiday season remember that we all have our own gifts to give to the world, whether it is writing, or photography, or just some simple painted rocks that you leave laying around for others to find a free smile. Perhaps you take garbage from the ocean and turn it into art. Maybe you are a connoisseur of beer? Whatever it is that you do – just do your thing. Do it great. And always try to be better than you were yesterday…or last year.

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Florence, OR

So, at the end of 2018 try to take a minute and appreciate what the year gave you. Love? Happiness? Friendship? Tell them you love them! Tell them they make you happy! Tell them you are grateful for their friendship. New job? Work hard! New dream? Make it come true! Heartbreak? It means you still love beyond yourself and that makes you amazing.

A snowman hitching a ride on a small boat. I hope he doesn’t fall in!

Happy Holidays from Write on the Road!

Near the Siuslaw River in Florence, OR
We hope your path in 2019 takes you somewhere beautiful!


For more information about the Oregon Coast Historic Railway you can go here.

You can learn more about Florence, Oregon here.

Searchlight, Nevada

Searchlight, Nevada 

We prefer to stay in small towns and find the cheapest space rent possible, which is how we ended up in Pahrump, Nevada and Searchlight, Nevada. Pahrump was a bit of a bust, but Searchlight was a nice little town.

There were coyotes and booplesnoots galore!

And roadrunners!

We stayed at Cree’s Mobile Home and RV Park for one month. $400 for full hookups and great WiFi. Netflix was a big part of our January.

Home Sweet Home for January

Searchlight has two casino’s (small rooms with slot machines), a Terrible’s Steakhouse (in one of the casino’s), a McDonald’s (in the other casino/gas station/mini-mart), a laundromat, a post office, and two old motels.

They also have abandoned buildings.. a lot of them.

A lot of old mines in the area…

At one point in time Searchlight was looking to be the county seat of Clark County – back when it had a larger population than Las Vegas.  The current population of Searchlight is 539 and Las Vegas’ population is 612, 932.

Our old friend, the Joshua Tree.

If you want to be able to easily visit Las Vegas or Laughlin but not have to stay there, Searchlight is great middle ground. Las Vegas is 60 miles north, and Laughlin is 40 miles east.

The desert sky in Searchlight was an amazing setting for the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse!

We visited Laughlin often for poker tournaments and groceries. We only drove to Vegas once while staying in Searchlight — for the 2018 Women’s March -COMING SOON! 

Out of Searchlight…

Beep, beep, bitches.

The Black Water Tank Situation (a.k.a. My Patronus is a turd)



The Black Water Tank Situation (a.k.a. My Patronus is a turd)

Warning: This post may be shitty.

Due to the graphic nature of this blog post we have opted to leave out any photographs of the black water tank situation. 

We had dumped the black and grey water tanks every time we arrived and departed from a park with dump facilities. Our grey water tank seemed to be fine, our black water tank wouldn’t get below ⅔ full according to our electronic meter. We thought maybe the electronic meter wasn’t working properly…until we saw the pile of crap scarily close to the toilet opening. Well…shit.

At the time we were in a full hookups site, including sewer, so this very much meant that we had a plug. We tried flushing while admiring our black tank contents with a flashlight. We used the special RV toilet wand (expecto excremento!) hooked up to a hose from inside the bathroom. We even raised the trailer up some, to tilt it, you know, shake the poop out of it.

Finally, we gave The Serenity an enema. We shoved the hose up dump pipe and flushed the crap out of it. It took awhile, and it smelled like our combined attitudes about it, but we did get her emptied.

This problem could have been an old issue. Maybe there was dried sewage when we bought her, and it just caused a back up. Maybe we need to look into other toilet paper options that dissolve better. Or maybe…shit happens.

UPDATED – We have long since learned that this was caused by leaving the black tank drain open all the time when on sewer hookups. What happens is the liquid wastes all drain immediately, leaving the poo to become Poops Peak. So, keep your black tank closed even when hooked up, folks!