MeLisa (Mel)

I think my parents may have started the trend of wanting to name their child “something different.” I ended up with MeLisa – no, not Melissa. Me Lisa; you Reader. I am one of the founding members of that club of people that can’t find personalized souvenirs.
I am a mom, a partner, a blogger, a feminist, a resister, an advocate, a reader, a binger of true crime TV, a nerd, a goddess of cheesy jokes, and a traveler. Welcome to the road.

Rusty (Crusty Rusty)

Hello! I am Rusty! I am very excited to be doing…anything! I like long walks on the beach, or anywhere. And I love good boy treats, but especially when I get one while not actually being a good boy. I’m a trickster! It must come from my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He was a desert coyote. I heard he was just so happy to have met my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother because she was such a bitch! Anyway! I am happy to be here, and I give this blog 4 paws!!


M.D. Parker (Mike)


I use my initials because that’s what makes my name special (I can always find those personalized souvenirs). I’ve been called lots of things in my life – including late for dinner – but now I am known as husband and father of occasional excellence, author, and grumpy repairer of things.


Frankie (Frankie Doodle Dandy)

HI! My name is Frankie. I want to do all the things. I want to do them with my peoples. My peoples did a rescue of me from the lonely place. Now I can do runs and sniffs and naps and treats and chew tree-bones and whine until I get what I want! Now, if you’ll excuse, I’m gonna go get a pet from my person.

Motorhome (Matilda)

I don’t know why I wasn’t first. If it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t even be a reason to have a blog page. That’s why I keep messing with them. Leave me behind while you go have fun? I’m gonna mess up your door. Never even ask me where I want to go? Boom! Roof leak. Gotta teach these bitches some respect. Mm-hmmm.. … ….

In Memoriam:
Milo (Milo)

We want to tell you about Milo. On the surface Milo was a yellow Labrador who, as a young adult doggo, came into our life 10 ½ years ago, but really he was so much more. Milo was a clumsy oaf, full of life, with a tail as dangerous as Godzilla’s. Milo loved bacon. He loved chicken. He loved pizza crust, bones, and whatever you were dumb enough to leave in his reach when you walked out of the room. He wasn’t always fond of small children; they made him nervous.

Milo loved his naps. He hated unhappy noises, and would argue with every sky boom as if he was scolding the clouds themselves. He would always protect his people, and his doggo brother, Rusty. He was always ready with the wettest kisses. He loved in a way only dogs can understand. A love so powerful and unconditional, we as humans can never grasp. He made us better than we were. He was the goodest of good boys.