Evil Dead
Morristown, Tennessee 


Welcome to the Tennessee backcountry. Where the cabins are in the woods, the dead are evil, the forests are kinda rapey, and the car is a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. 

The Classic – Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Back In 1981 a young man and his girlfriend, along with three others headed out to the middle of nowhere for a weekend camping trip to an old cabin in rural Tennessee. In between the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the group still managed to find a hidden cellar that held an old tape recorder and a book. A book that was bound in human flesh; inside were incantations to summon hell on earth. They played the tape. They read from the book. Hell came to earth. 

Ash Williams watched, one by one, as his friends all became possessed. Ash had to fight for his life to escape the evil dead in the wilderness, knowing that his life would never be the same again. 

All that remains of the cabin in the woods now is an old chimney, a hole in the ground, and a multi-million dollar franchise. 

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The first film of the Evil Dead franchise was meant to be a full blown, gross you out, scare your pants off horror film. But it was funny. Cheesy, terribly, bloody funny. And so the horror comedy franchise of Evil Dead was born. The franchise includes three original films, a remake, a sequel TV series, video games, comic books, and is one the most quoted movie franchises of all time. Groovy

With a bit of research and still getting mildly lost and confused, we found the film location for the original Evil Dead film. It is on private property, and we do not recommend trespassing in rural Tennessee, lest you find yourself on the business end of a boomstick. 

The road less traveled…leads to a Sumarian Book of the Dead.

The cabin was destroyed after the filming of the movie. Rumor says director, Sam Raimi, destroyed it himself, but other rumors claim that the cabin was destroyed when it was struck by lightening years after the film was made. But rumors aside, what remains now is just the stone fireplace, and a hole in the ground that was dug for the cellar scenes. 

Bruce Campbell, who played the main character, Ashley Williams, states that at the end of filming the crew put together some mementos and left them in the fireplace for people to find in the future. 
The script called for a cabin with a basement. This cabin didn’t have one so the crew dug a hole and gave it a cellar door for most of the scenes of evil Cheryl tormenting the rest of the group.
No Trespassing.
If you want to wander in the wilderness, pick a different wilderness with a better concept of consent…it matters.
Get permission.